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Asphalt Distributor

DONGFENG TIANJIN Asphalt distributor (8 cubic intelligent type)

    Product Basic Information

    Vehicle Brand


    Outsourced stainless steel

    1 thick stainless steel


    YCY30165-60; 165HP

    Heating mode

    Italy Riello Road diesel burner G20+ heat conduction oil whole heating

    Whole vehicle dimensions


    Nozzle number control

    34pcs (one control one smart nozzle)

    Gross vehicle weight


    Hydraulic pump


    Curb weight


    Proportional valve


    Rated load capacity


    Asphalt pump motor



    8.25R20Tyre wire

    Asphalt pump

    QGB950 (Imported gear)

    Wheel base


    Hand lance

    5m hose + Hand-held spray rod

    Asphalt tank capacity

    Heat-conducting oil pump


    Thick insulation layer


    Spraying medium

    Emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, hot asphalt, etc

    Control mode

    Cab touch screen computer control + rear working platform (spare)


    Use and brief introduction

    CLW5121GLQD6 Cement Paste Spray Truck independently developed by our company is a self-propelled vehicle equipment composed of automobile chassis, mixing tank assembly, water system, sprinkling system, sub-frame, electrical control system and so on, which is mainly used in the construction of high-grade highways. When the stable layer is constructed by layers, the equipment can be used as a sprinkler to sprinkle the cement paste between the upper and lower layers. In traditional construction, the distribution of cement paste is mainly completed by manpower, and there are defects such as large manpower input, poor distribution effect and many safety risks. The clean cement slurry spreader adopts high power mixing and new spreader, which can maximize the construction speed and ensure the best construction effect.

    Performance characteristics

    Compact structure, reasonable layout, low center of gravity, to ensure the stability of equipment;

    The machine adopts humanized design, with enough maintenance space, can quickly and easily complete equipment maintenance;

    Using vertical mixing, mixing evenly, high construction efficiency;

    With a separate working power system, when the equipment at a low working speed, still can provide strong power.

    The key parts of the whole machine (such as hydraulic pump CBQ550-L, hydraulic motor 05-110-BD31, asphalt pump QGB950, etc.) are using internationally renowned components, to ensure the reliability of the whole machine, improve the service life.

    Under the premise of ensuring that the maintenance and disassembly of other parts are not hindered, the ladder and handrail of each part are arranged for easy operation;

    All heat pipes are equipped with heat insulation layer to reduce heat dissipation and avoid scald operators;

    Truck type rapid heating system (10-15 ℃/h) to improve the heating efficiency and reduce the construction auxiliary time, to ensure the spreading temperature;

    The asphalt spraying rod adopts a three-section folding structure, which can realize double or multiple spraying by moving the spreading rod up and down. The spreading scope can be expanded by moving the spreading rod left and right, and the obstacles can be effectively avoided.

    Manual spraying function can make asphalt spray through the hand nozzle, flexible and convenient, suitable for small scope and corner construction conditions. Catch the airbrush. Open the total oil outlet valve, the switch valve of the opener, open the oil return valve, and use the return valve to adjust the pressure of the spray gun.

    The asphalt tank body is provided with a precipitation sewage tank, and is equipped with a liquid level display and alarm, safety device;

    This function can blow out the remaining asphalt of the nozzle through the high pressure air generated by the idling of the asphalt pump, prevent the asphalt from freezing in the nozzle, and greatly improve the service life of the nozzle. Close the total oil outlet valve, oil return valve, open the pneumatic valve, open the self-priming valve and open the nozzle in turn

    Good insulation layer can ensure that static insulation performance index ≤12℃/8 hours, and anti-corrosive durable;

    The car packaging using stainless steel plate, anti-corrosive durable, beautiful and generous.

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