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Truck Mounted Crane

SINOTRUK HOWO 6 wheelers 8tons truck-mounted crane

    4x4 4wd full road condition SINOTRUK HOWO 6 wheelers truck 8tons knuckle telescopic boom crane

    HOWO 4x4 chassis configuration: short cab, Chinese red,
    ENGINE :weichai 260-horsepower engine, National V emissions,
    Gear box :10-speed transmission,
    Axles :9 tons on the front axle, 16 tons on the rear axle,
    Frame : 320mm three-tier straight beam,
    Tyres :8.25R20 Steel tire, ABS, driving recorder, remote throttle,
    Oil tanker : 400L aluminum alloy tank,
    air conditioner, headlight adjustment, brake adjustment arm.
    crane :9-ton folding arm grab wood truck crane
    crane Application occasions: loading and unloading and handling of strip materials such as wood, timber and industrial waste. The material for wood grab truck crane is Q550 + NM500.
    It is very convenient and flexible to use. The wood grab truck crane is simple and convenient to operate. It can be rotated 360 degrees using the quick operation method, which replaces the original manual handling, saves manpower, and ensures safety.
    Greatly improved the working efficiency of loading and unloading.

    chassis brand HOWO CLW Multifunction 4x4 truck mounted crane van truck
    wheelbase 4500mm
    drive type LHD or RHD
    certificate GCC, ISO9001:2001,CCC

    Crane Model 9ton straight arm type
    Max Lift Capacity 9000kg
    Slewing Angle All rotation,360
    Crane Weight 1850KG
    grab With quality hydraulic grab or not
    9tons Crane information • Crane model:SQ9SA3
    • Max lifting mass: 9000 kg
    • Maximum lifting moment : 200000 N.m
    • Hanging arm type hexagonal cross section
    • Slewing
    • Swing speed :2r/min
    • 4 sessions
    • Rotary range :+ and -360 °
    • Crane Length :4.5-13.5m
    • H type legs
    • The maximum operating radius :13.5m
    • Across from :2.2-5.4 m
    • Crane Out speed :6.8/35m / s
    • Hydraulic system pressure :24MPa
    • Fuel tank capacity :180 L
    • From the arm speed :68/22° / s
    • Crane weight: 3050 kg
    • Maximum lifting height :15.5m
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