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Chengli Special Automobile Co,Ltd , Freezer Refrigerated Container Truck On Delivery

Time:2023-04-23 Views:137
Chengli Special Automobile Co,Ltd , Freezer Refrigerated Container Truck On Delivery

The refrigerator box truck is also called refrigerator cooling van, refrigerator van truck, freezer truck, refrigeration truck, freezer van,freezer box truck , food truck refrigerator freezer,reefer van,etc.

It is usually consisted of truck chassis, refrigeration unit, cooling van,etc. It mainly used to transport ice cream, milk , leben, frozen food,etc.
The refrigerator van truck for meat and fish is equipped with meat hook on the inner roof and air trunking at box bottom of the truck. The freezer for truck we usually use are Thermo king, Carrier, Dongin, Hua Tai, Han Xue,etc. The refrigerated temperature of refrigeration units are 5 degree Celsius below zero, 10 degree Celsius below zero, 15 degree Celsius below zero, 18 degree Celsius below zero.

You also can install heating refrigerator to make the temperature above zero in bitter winter.

The material of refrigerated cold box truck can be color plate, fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminium alloy,etc. The surface of refrigerated trucks are smooth and can be pasted with your logo, bill, etc.

As a professional reefer box truck manufacturer, the refrigerator truck for sale is with light curb weight, good insulation performance, waterproof, corrosion resistance,smooth surface,clean easily and other advantages. Meanwhile, it is convenient to maintenance if box broken and without any mark after maintenance.

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