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Sinotruck howo 25Ton heavy duty towing truck with crane off-road recovery wrecker

Time:2023-04-23 Views:134
The tow truck wrecker is also called road wrecker truck, tow truck wrecker, wrecker towing truck, wrecker, road block removal truck, breakdown truck, tow truck, recovery truck, etc.
Our tow truck consists of the chassis, hoisting equipment,truck tow hook, tow truck winch, tow truck wheel lift, hydraulic system, electric control system, truck body and the tool boxes.

Wrecker Tow Truck is equipped with emergency operation equipment .When the car is breakdown on the road, an accident is happend, especially on high grade highway, wrecker‘s mission is to towing the trouble truck or car away from the site of accident, to ensure the road unimpeded.

1. Purpose of Tow Truck: wrecker/recovery truck/towing truck is used for towing break-down cars or vehicle on road.With increasing ownership of private cars,wreckers are now widly used by government organization or towing company.
2. Optional brand of Tow Truck :howo,Dongfeng,Isuzu,JAC,JMC,Foton,Shacman...
3. Spare parts of Tow Truck : Italy brand multi-way valve and balance valve; Gernamy Roxroth technology hydraulic cylinder and joint; imported sealing element; strengthed checked plate
4. Capacity range of Tow Truck :3ton, 4ton, 5ton, 6ton, 8ton, 12ton, 16ton, 20ton, 25ton, 31ton, 40ton, 50ton
5. The customers can choose to install the crane

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