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Chengli Special Automobile Co,.ltd Dongfeng VL Water Tanker Truck working video

Time:2023-04-23 Views:134
water bowser fire fighting truck, which is also called watering truck, water tanker truck, water spraying truck, water tank truck, water sprinkler truck, fire fighting water truck, etc.
The water tanker truck is mainly used for water transportation, road sprinkling, plant watering, etc. The water tanker truck is consisted of chassis, Q235 water tank, front, side and rear sprinkler nozzle. Also , the rear of the water truck is equipped antiskid platform with water cannon. The water cannon can rotate 360 degree and the water flow can be adjusted to mist, light rain,  moderate rain, heavy rain, etc. The spraying width of clw water truck is more than 15m and the cannon range is more than 25m.
As a professional water sprinkling truck supplier in China, besides normal water bowser truck, we also have multifunction water truck, such as water truck mounted crane, water truck mounted aerial working platform, etc.

The water sprinkler truck for sale is from 3000 liters to 30,000liter. The tank material of water tank are stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium alloy.

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