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Garbage truck

5000liters JAC Rear Load Garbage Compactor Truck

    5000Liters JAC 4*2 Rear load garbage Compactor trucks for sales

    Rear load garbage Compactor trucks in clued garbage carriage, sewage tanker, a packer, scraper, shovel, multiple way reversing valve and hydraulic system.

    With convenient and efficient garbage collection function, automatically repeated compression and creep function, high compression ratio, large loading capacity, automatic operation, good sealing.

    The dirty water is come into the sewage tank during compression; the main part is high quality imported parts.
    JAC Chassis, Perfect Performance
    JAC Original Engine, Super Powerful, Nice Shape, Rational Structure.
    Prolonged service life.
    JAC Waste Compaction Truck , the operation system could be manual or electrical control.

    Products Technical Specification
    Type JAC Compator Garbage Truck
    Brand 4*2
    Cab With A/C, power steering
    Vehicle Description
    Overall dimensions(mm) 6443×1980×2600
    Curb weight(vehicle) (kg) 5170
    Loading capacity (kg) 2000kgs -3500kgs
    Max speed (Km/h) 95-120
    Model/Rated Power WP3Q130E50
    Displacement/ power 2970L / 96KW,130HP
    Emission Standard Euro 5
    manufacturer Weichai motor Co., Ltd.
    Diesel 4-stroke, 4-cylnder in line with water cooling, turbo charging
    Chassis Description
    driving type 4*2
    Wheel base 3360mm
    Front/rear tread 1504/1425
    Front axle 2T front axle
    Rear axle 4T rear axle
    Gear box 5Forwards
    Type & Size of Tyre 7.00-16 (6+1spare tire)
    Sewage tanker
    Other Capacity:5000Liters
    Painting: three layer painting, anit-rust, bottom painting. Outside painting.
    Customized color and logo.

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