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Garbage truck

10cbm - 20cbm Garbage Truck

    10CBM to 20CBM Garbage Collection Compactor Station for Solid Garbage Collecting Transportation
    1. Mobile Garbage Compactor Station has the characteristics of small construction area, flexible maneuverability and novel appearance. It can be 2. Equipped with various types of loading devices, suitable for bag collection, standard garbage collection, rickshaw collection, small motor vehicle collection, etc.

    3. For collection and transshipment of solid waste domestic garbage in urban sanitation collection stations, residential quarters, communities, hospitals, large venues, etc. It can be especially suitable for new land transfer stations and old stations under difficult conditions in urban areas. Renovation of the garbage building.

    4. The main components of the mobile compression equipment:
    Compressor side (electro-hydraulic control power system)
    Reverse hopper
    Unloading rear door
    Box-oriented positioning steel plate

    Overall size Size 10m3 12m3 15m3 18m3 20m3
    Length transport condition 5650 5700 6250 6800 7150
    Length working condition 7700 8050 8600 9150 9500
    Width 2500
    Height 2550
    Suit chassis option 4x2 6x4 6x4 6x4 8x4
    Suit wheelbase option 4500 4350+1300 4350+1300 4550+1350 1800+3800+1300
    OVO mobile compression garbage station parameter
    Item Name Unit Paramter
    1 Hook height mm 1575
    2 Outside width of guide rail mm 1060
    3 Through height mm 180
    4 Opening width mm 500
    5 Body weight t 5-6.5
    6 Compression cycle time s <=45
    7 Turnover time of turnover mechanism s 25
    8 Lifting weight of turnover mechanism kg 1000
    9 Turnover hopper volume M3 3.5
    10 Hydraulic tank volume L 60
    11 Compaction density T/m3 0.75-0.8
    12 Compression force t 35
    13 Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 20
    14 Section size of compression head mm 1950x500
    15 Compression head stroke mm 450
    16 Size of feed port mm 2000x1420
    17 Height of feed outlet mm 1700
    18 Power Supply v 380
    19 Electromechanical power kw 7.5
    control mode

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