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Garbage truck

SINOTRUK HOWO 6x418tons 20tons 14tons Container Garbage Truck

    China Sinotruk Howo 6x4 Type 18tons 20tons 14tons Skip Container Garbage Truck

    Hook loader truck (also called roll-off garbage truck, roll on roll off truck, hook lifter truck, hook lift garbage truck, carriage removable / dismountable garbage truck, hook loader container truck, garbage collection truck , hook lifter truck etc. ) is designed to collect and transport municipal solid waste, widely used in residence community, hospital, municipal environmental section, garbage transportation station etc. Loading capacity ranges from 1ton, 2tons, 3tons, 5tons, 8tons, 14tons, 18tons, 20 tons etc.

    Technical Date
    Product Name Sinotruk hook lift garbage truck 18tons
    Driving Type 6×4,left hand drive
    Max Payload (kg) 20000
    Curb weight(kg) 12340
    Wheelbase(mm) 4325+1350
    Overall Dimension(mm) 8585×2496×3080
    Box dimension 18tons
    Engine model WD615.47(371HP)
    Engine type 4 stroke water-cooled,inter-cooling
    No. of cylinders straight-6 cylinders
    Displacement(L) 9.726L
    Rated power Rev((Kw/rpm) 273kw/2200rpm
    Max Torque(N*m)/Rev(r/min) 1500/1100-1600
    Drive Line
    Transmission HW19710,10 forwards,2 reverse gear,manual operation
    Steering ZF8118,With power steering
    Brake system Air brake
    Cab HW76 new type cabin
    Standard configuration A/C;
    Front axle HF9
    Rear axle HC16
    Tire specification
    Tire specification 12.00R20 standard tire,10 tires+1 spare tire
    Specification of hook garbage truck
    Hydraulic system Length of body is applicable to vehicle: 5500-6400mm
    Lifting height: 1570mm
    Time of container loading: ≤ 40s
    Tilt: ≥48°

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