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Garbage truck

SHACMAN H3000 20cbm Garbage Compactor Truck

    Shacman H3000 20cbm Garbage Compactor Truck

    Details ofSHACMAN H3000 Garbage compactor truck capacity 20CBM

    Garbage compactor (also called waste compactor truck, garbage compactor truck, trash compactor, refuse collection truck, compactor garbage truck, rubbish truck, bin wagon, dustcart, bin lorry, waste collection vehicle) is designed to collect and transport municipal solid waste.
    Garbage compactor is composed of hermitical garbage box, hydraulic system and operating system, which could apply pressure to the waste to break down bulky items, to load and transport more garbage by one time. Dirty liquid flows into waste sink, perfectly preventing repollution. When arriving at destination, the garbage can be dumped completely. It is ideal solution for solid waste collection.
    The operation system could be manual or electrical control.

    Main specification Chassis brand Shacman
    Chassis model H3000
    Overall dimension(L*W*H) 10315×2496×3400mm
    Gross / Curb weight 16,250kg / 10,100kg
    Chassis Drive modle 6x4 Left hand drive
    Wheel Base 4325+1350 mm
    Tyre size & number 12.00R20 radial tires , 10+1 with one spare tyre
    Fuel/Engine type: 6 cylinders, in-line, 4-stroke, water cooled, turbo inter-cooling, direct injection, diesel engine
    Engine model WD615.47
    Engine horse power 371HP
    Emission Euro II
    Cab HW76 a row and a half deluxe cab(with sleeping berth), allowable 3 passengers ,with A/C
    Transmission HW19710, 10 speed forward 2 reverse.
    Garbage tank Waste box capacity 20-22 cbm
    Thickness Side: 4 mm ; Bottom: 5 mm
    Material Carbon steel, inner epoxy anticorrosive
    Function Seal garbage truck is formed of garbage box, hydraulic system, operation system. Sewage will be put into totally the sewage box during self-compress and self-dump. With one Bucket; The imported computer control system, automatic compression and dumping function, and manual operation to guarantee and improve the usage of truck. Full sealing garbage box design can make the dirty water flow into water box directly when compressing, completely avoid secondary pollution while transporting.Also rear rolling garbage bucket or rolling garbage hopper tilting device are optional according to customers‘ demand.

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