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Truck Mounted Crane

Sinotruck HOWO Truck With 5Ton XCMG Straight Crane

    Sinotruck HOWO 4x2 truck mounted crane for sale

    1. telescopic boom or knucle boom all available
    2. crane brand :CLW,ZOOMLION, SMJ, S ANY or others
    3. Crane capacity : 2 ton ,3.2 ton ,4 ton ,5 ton ,6.3 ton ,7 ton ,8 ton ,10 ton ,12 ton ,14 ton ,16 ton ,20 ton ,25 ton ,30 ton ,40 ton ,60 ton ,70 ton ,80 ton ,100 ton ,120 ton ,150 ton etc.

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    A crane mounted on a truck carrier provides the mobility for this type of crane. This crane has two parts: the carrier, often referred to as the Lower, and the lifting component which includes the boom, referred to as the Upper. These are mated together through a turntable, allowing the upper to swing from side to side. These modern hydraulic truck cranes are usually single-engine machines, with the same engine powering the undercarriage and the crane. The upper is usually powered via hydraulics run through the turntable from the pump mounted on the lower. In older model designs of hydraulic truck cranes, there were two engines. One in the lower pulled the crane down the road and ran a hydraulic pump for the outriggers and jacks. The one in the upper ran the upper through a hydraulic pump of its own. Many older operators favor the two-engine system due to leaking seals in the turntable of aging newer design cranes.

    Technical date :
    Truck Specification
    Truck model CL5044JSQZ
    Driving Type 4*2 Left hand driving
    Max Speed (km/h) 95
    Overall dimension(mm) 5995*1900*2820
    GVW( kg) 4495
    Mass in working order kg) 2900
    Wheelbase(mm) 3360
    F/R track base (mm) 1600/1535
    F/R overhang (mm) 1160/1470
    Approach/Departure Angel 18/16
    Tire 7.00R16(6+1)
    Clutch Single-plate dry diaphragm spring clutch
    Steering Hydraulic steering with power assistance
    Gear box WLY525
    Bridge Front axle 2T
    Rear axle 3.5T
    Enging Model 4DW93-84
    Fuel Type Diesel fuel
    Type Water-cooled four-stroke,, direct injection, turbocharged
    Exhaust(ml) 2540
    Max output power/rotate speed (hp /rpm ) 90/3000
    Max torque/rotate speed(N.m/rpm) 220/2100
    Braking system Service Brake Compressed air brake
    Park Brake Spring energy
    Eletric system 24v
    Upper-Body specification
    Model SQ3.5A2
    Match the truck Above 3 tons loading truck
    Assembling space (mm) 900
    Mass working weight (kgs) 950
    Max lifting weight (t) 3.5
    Max lifting torque(t.m) 8.8
    Max lifting height (m) 9.5
    Max working radius (m) 7.61
    Cross section form Pentagon
    Number of arms 3
    Length(m) 3.5-7.82
    Extending speed(m.s) 0.1
    Range 1-73
    The arm angular velocity (°/s) 5.2
    Hook speed (m/min) 9
    Diameter of wire rope (mm) 8
    Length of wire rope (mm) 45
    Slewing mechanism Rotating speed (r/min) 2.5
    Rotating range (°) 360
    Leg Type H
    Span(m) 1.85-3.1
    Hydraulic system Pressure (mpa) 17
    Capacity(l) 45
    Safety device Overwind alarm
    Lifting capacity
    Working radius (m) 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 7.61
    Rated loading (kgs) 3500 1380 930 680 430

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