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Chengli Special Automobile Co,.ltd Road Sweeper Truck Working Video

Time:2023-04-23 Views:148
Chengli Special Automobile Co,.ltd Road Sweeper Truck Working Video 

Vacuum Sweeper Truck,also called vacuum street truck,road cleaning truck,road cleaner truck adopts shacman middle duty chassis,auxiliary engine, fan, high pressure water pump, clean water tank, garbage container, left and right vertical sweeper brusher, wide nozzle with spray rod, low pressure flushing system , sweeping dust reduction system, hydraulic system, special equipment electronic control system and sub-frame and others.

functions of road cleaning, road sweeping,road edge and curb stone surface cleaning, low pressure washing, spray dust removal and so on. There are various operation modes such as "full wash", "left wash", "right wash", "full sweeping", "left sweeping" and "right sweeping".

the cleaning efficiency is high
washing rate is over 90%.
clean the pavement and curb and scrub the curbstone facade.

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