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Garbage truck

Iveco 14 Cubic Meters Rhd Compactor Garbage Truck

    Iveco 14 cubic meters RHD 6*4 Compactor Garbage Truck For Sale

    Garbage compactor (also called waste compactor truck, garbage compactor truck, trash compactor, refuse collection truck, compactor garbage truck,rubbish truck, dustcart truck, bin lorry, waste collection vehicle) is designed to collect and transport municipal solid waste.

    Garbage compactor is composed of garbage box, hydraulic system and operating system, which could apply pressure to the waste to break down bulky items, to load and transport more garbage by one time. Dirty liquid flows into waste sink, perfectly preventing re-pollution. When arriving at destination, the garbage can be dumped completely. It is ideal solution for solid waste collection. The operation system could be manual or electrical control.

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    Technical date :
    Iveco 14 cubic meters compactor garbage truck for sale
    Product parameters Total mass(Kg) 25000
    Rated weight(Kg) /
    Curb weight(Kg) 11850
    Overall dimension(mm) 10200*2495*3385
    Carriage dimensions (mm) /
    Chassis parameters Chassis model CQ1250P63K
    Fuel type Diesel
    Emission standard Euro 4
    Engine parameters Engine model CURSOR
    Manufacturer IVECO
    Displacement(ml) 7790 ml
    Power(Kw) 290 HP
    Main Parameters Rated person of Cab 3
    Number of axles 3
    Wheelbase(mm) 4475+1300
    Axle load(Kg) 6300/13000
    Tires No. 6
    Tyre size 11.00-20
    Max. speed(Km/h) 95
    Approach angle
    /Departure angle (°)
    Front overhang
    /Rear overhang (mm)
    Front track/Rear track(mm) 1950/1847
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