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Garbage truck

DongFeng Customization Swing Arm Garbage Truck

    DongFeng Customization Swing Arm Garbage Truck 4x2 Skip Loader Waste Collection Vehicle

    Skip loader (also called skip loader truck, skip loader vehicle, skip loader garbage truck, swing arm garbage truck, telescopic arm skip loader, multi skip loader truck ) is a garbage truck with detachable body container. Which could enable one truck with several garbage containers for recycle use.

    It could be equipped with a cover to prevent dropping any rubbish.

    ---- Dongfeng chassis, perfect performance.
    ---- Dongfeng Chaoyang engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.
    ---- Nice shape, rational structure
    ---- Strength container body
    ---- High quality hydraulic system
    ---- Strong, durable, perfect performance
    ---- Prolonged service life
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