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Water Tank Truck

Sinotruk HOWO 6 Wheel 10000 Liter 10CBM Water Sprinkler Tank Truck

    Sinotruk HOWO 6 Wheel 10000 Liter 10m3 Water Sprinkler Tank Truck

    Water truck is known as the distributor, multi-function sprinkler, sprinkler, tanker, landscape water.

    Water sprayer is suitable for all kinds of road surface flush, trees, green belts, lawn planting, roads, construction of factories and mines, high-altitude construction rinse. With water spray, dust, high pressure, low, pesticide spraying, washing of guardrails, and other functions, also have water, drainage, emergency fire.

    The water trucks we manufacturer is from 4000 liter to 30000 liter. The water tank fire truck for sale is from 4000 liter to 15000 liters. 

    Products Technical Specification
    Model SCS5160GSSZZ4
    Brand SINOTRUK chassis
    Cab 2080 mm width, single cabin with a sleeper
    Vehicle Description
    Overall dimensions(mm) 8400*2420*2750
    Effective tank volume 10000L
    Max speed (Km/h) 110
    Engine Description
    Engine model YC4E160-33
    Maximum power 118kw / 160hp
    Displacement (lit) 4260
    Engine Manufacturer Yuchai
    Chassis Description
    Chassis model ZZ1167G4715C1
    Wheel base 4700
    F/R track base(mm) 1680/1650
    F/R overhang(mm) 1110/2345
    Spring plate 8/10+6
    Front axle / rear axle 5850/9945kgs
    Gear box MLD 6-speed with over drive
    Brake system oil braking
    Operation control system Power Steering
    Electric system 24V
    Tyres 9.00R20

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