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Water Tank Truck

DONGFENG Dollicar 5000liter 1320 Gallons to 3000Gallons Water Spray Tanker Trucks

    Dongfeng Dollicar 5000liter 1320 Gallons to 3000Gallons Water Spray Tanker Trucks

    Where there is no or an insufficient supply of piped freshwater and drinking water, water has to be transported either by trucks or by human power. Water trucks with tanks (also known as tank trucks or cistern trucks) bring the water from the sources to the consumers. Motorised water distribution is very important in many countries, especially in urban or peri-urban areas or in emergencies (war, natural disaster). The tank trucks must be maintained well to avoid a (re-) contamination and the water source should be chosen careful to deliver the best water quality as possible.

    Product name water tank truck
    Chassis brand dongfeng
    Volume 5cbm
    Engine Chaochai
    WheelBase 3308mm
    Tire 7.00R16
    Horse power 126hp
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Drive form 4*2
    emission standard Euro3
    Cab Single
    tank texture Q235 carbon steel
    The thickness of the tank 4mm
    Overall dimensions 5990X2000X2380mm
    tank size 3400×1600×1100mm
    ABS with
    Pump model 40-45
    Sprinkler width 15M
    Water cannon Rang 35M
    Vertical Suction Rang 7M
    Water Cannon Vertical Height 13M
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