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Fuel Tank Truck / Trailer

DONGFENG 8-ton Fuel Tank truck

    Main parameters of vehicle

    Product name


    Product model


    Chassis type


    Gross vehicle weight(kg)


    Rated mass(kg)


    Curb weight(kg)


    Wheel base(mm)


    Load capacity(m³)

    8.6(Actual volume 10)

    Exterior dimension(mm)


    Tank size(mm)


    Engine Type



    8.25R20 14PR

    Why is it difficult to get a tanker on the road before 2020? Difficult annual inspection?

    (Look at the picture to answer the above questions)


    Front disc (disc brake) rear drum brake

    1. Front disc (disc brake) rear drum brake: used for emergency braking, to ensure that the vehicle can effectively brake a special device, currently one of the necessary parts on the tank car license;

    2. Mainly installed on: the front wheel by two pieces of cast iron clamping a disc brake system, this can be seen; The brake of the rear wheel depends on the expansion of the iron brake skin, which is called the front disc and the rear drum.


    Anti-spill probe

    Generally installed next to the irrigation entrance;

    Purpose: Anti-spill electronic sensor is widely used in all kinds of containers filled with liquid, in order to prevent liquid overflowing leakage in advance alarm device, it is installed on the top of the container tank manhole cover, when the oil level reaches the warning limit, the sensor will automatically alarm off the brake.


    Submarine valve

    Generally installed in the tank car tank body outlet;

    Use: when the external unbalanced force stimulation, can trigger the internal spring to read the rod, so as to cut off the oil pipeline in 5 seconds, to ensure the safety of the interior media, prevent leakage, ignition, explosion: to ensure the safety of the driver friends, goods in the car, outside the car related property and biology!


    European standard mouth

    European standard mouth: The left picture shows the aluminum alloy European standard mouth, also known as manhole cover, installed on

    The top of the oil tank, purpose: with built-in breathing and emergency discharge energy, and can be installed on the manhole cover oil recovery valve, oil hole, anti-overflow probe rod, anti-overflow sensing system in the process of oil loading, when the liquid level reaches the detection position, the sensing system will automatically alarm, so as to stop the oil loading. The inner stomach breathing valve makes the oil tank in the process of oil transport internal pressure to maintain stability, and the external pressure to achieve balance, its dumping to prevent overflow design so that the tank car in the event of an accident to keep sealed, emergency exhaust device in the tank pressure rises sharply in the case, will automatically open, release the tank pressure, so as to prevent accidents, greatly improve the safety of oil transport.


    Lower the oil valve

    Generally installed below the side of the tank car;

    Purpose: Lower oil valve, also known as oil unloading valve, is used for quick oil unloading. The front-end interface meets the American APIRp1004 standard, convenient to connect with the oil discharge hose head. The hydrodynamics design of the internal structure minimizes the internal pressure at high flow rates. The outlet adopts flat bottom structure, no oil leakage when the joint is disassembled, safe and reliable, safe and reliable


    Oil gas recovery unit

    Generally installed in the pipe outlet or tank left side

    Purpose: The oil and gas recovery valve can recover all the oil and gas produced by oil vocalization during loading and unloading to the reservoir tank, avoiding oil and gas leakage and using other oil and gas recovery devices to condense and reuse oil and gas, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

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