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Garbage truck

Dongfeng 4x2 Garbage Truck with 14cbm

    China Factory Supply Dongfeng 4x2 Garbage Container Truck with 14 CBM Van

    1.High Quality Factory,famous professional and biggest garbage trucks manufacturer direct sale Compressed garbage truck in China;
    2.Compactor garbage truck consists of a sealed garbage compartment, hydraulic system, and operating system;
    3.High compression ability, huge loading quantity Compressed garbage truck.
    4.Automatic design, saving labor, energy conservation and environment protection Compressed garbage truck.

    Compressed garbage truck is also called Compression garbage truck, compactor garbage truck,Waste Compactors truck.Compactor garbage truck consists of a sealed garbage compartment, hydraulic system, and operating system.Compression type garbage truck can realize garbage collection and transportation capacity reduction, sealing, no secondary pollution, reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, improve labor efficiency and other needs.

    2.It is widely used in collection, compression and transit garbage which come from cities, towns, rural areas, large factories and mining enterprises and living areas of colleges and universities.

    3.We can produce many kinds of garbage trucks, including compactor garbage truck, garbge collection truck, garbage transportion truck, container garbage truck, hydraulic lifter garbage truck, self-loading garbage truck, skip garbage truck, arm-roll rubbish truck, hanging bin garbage truck, dump garbage truck, hermetic garbage truck, sealed garbage trucks for sale, arm shaking garbage truck, and so on.

    Currently we produce the garbage compactor truck from 4 m3 ~ 18 m3.
    Skip swing arm container garbage truck from 4~10 m3.
    Arm-roll garbage truck from 3~20 m3.
    Hermetic dump garbage truck from 3 m3~10 m3.

    Item Parameter
    Production name Dongfeng D9 Compactor Garbage truck
    vehicle model CLW5180ZYS6
    Engine Engine model: YCS04200-68
    Engine manufacturer: Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Exhaust: 4165 ml
    Power: 147 kw
    Emission standard: Euro 6
    Chassis model EQ1185LJ9CDE
    Tire Tire specification: 10.00R20
    Number of tire: 6+1 spare
    Axle Number of axles: 2
    Axle-load: 6500/11500
    Wheel base(mm):3950
    Traction system 4x2
    Tank fact cubage(cbm) 10
    GVW(kg) 18000
    Curb weight(kg) 9700
    Overall dimensions(mm) 8000×2550×3300
    F / R track base(mm) 1933/1865
    F/R overhang(mm) 1260/2390
    Approach/departure angle(°) 19/12
    Max speed(Km/h) 105
    equipment 1> Equipped with hermetic dustbin, hydraulic system and operating system;
    2> Hermetic dustbin: side 4mm, bottom 5mm carbon steel;
    3> Automatic compress and uninstall;
    4> Optional: Rear hanging bucket or small landing bin to turn.
    Product cycle 15-20 days
    Warranty 12 months, from the date of supply

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